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Peter Boots' Bondage Course


Beginners Bondage Course 2009
Don't know how to combine a hank of rope with a hunk of a man? This course is designed for absolute beginners and those with little experience.

It's practical, packed with useful information, tips and tricks and lots of opportunity to get safe hands-on experience.

It progresses rapidly from simple yet effective rope bondage to advanced topics like mummification and severe bondage, covering most aspects of bondage along the way. Much of the course work is hands-on and everyone is expected to participate.

We will meet in downtown Manhattan on Saturday/Sunday, March 7/8, 2008, from noon to 6pm. Participants are expected to make a commitment to attend both days.


  • We ask for a $10 contribution from each participant to cover refreshments and incidentals.

  • Other than that the course is free for paid-up GMSMA members; non-members would have to join GMSMA to take part or make a $10 donation. Full info on GMSMA is at

  • If you are a GMSMA member please sign up through GMSMA; full info is near the bottom of this page:

  • Please contact me directly if you would like to attend but are not yet a GMSMA member or if you have any questions. Sorry about the CAPTCHA type email address:






About Peter Boots

I've been into bondage since before I got into trouble for tying up the neighborhood kids when I was 5! Since 1989 I have regularly conducted bondage workshops, demonstrations and courses both in London, England and in New York City. I have presented at London's SM Gays and GMFA, New York's GMSMA and LSM, during the Stonewall 25 Leather Conference and have won several medals at Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno.

I have adapted the course for weekend presentations and can travel (I'm based in NYC). The courses are free for community organizations, other than travel expenses.

Occasionally I'm available for private tuition.

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