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My London guide below is so out of date that is serves as a historical snapshot of 2004 only.

Please go to The London Leather Guide instead, a regularly updated Leather/BDSM resource.

It was fun to do the London guide while it lasted, but I'm in NYC nearly all of the time now, so I can't keep up.
Please enjoy the The London Leather Guide and all the resources it offers instead.

Peter Boots

Peter Boots' Gay SM Leather Fetish
Guide to London

Last updated September 2004!!!!

Welcome to my guide to London, the city with one of Europe's most exciting gay scenes. For people into SM, fetish and kink though the scene has shrunk over the last year: the once famous Coleherne now caters to twinks, the Block and Fist closed after too much attention by the police. The same year the government proposed a new, more liberal sexual offences law -- but don't hope for too much!

The scene here changes so quickly that even the guides in London's weekly gay papers are not infrequently out of date -- look through the advertisements in the mags for updates. And if you are planning to travel far for a specific group or event listed here it would be a good idea to telephone ahead to confirm that it is taking place.

The addresses of the bars, clubs, pubs and hotels are linked to the London street map at UK Street Map -- clicking on a linked address should give you a local map with an arrow showing the approximate location.

If you find omissions, inaccuracies or have suggestions please e-mail me at pboots@pobox.com.

Please note that I list everything leather/SM/fetish related I know of. If you can't find something on my page then either I don't know about it or have been asked not to list it -- so asking me won't help!

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Bars, Clubs and Pubs

  • Anvil -- is no more.

BackstreetBackstreet -- Wentworth Mews (between Burdett Road and Eric Street), Mile End E3, 020 8980 8557 (during opening hours) 020 8980 7880 (other times). Open only Thursday 10pm - 2.30am, Friday and Saturday 10pm - 3am, Sunday 10pm - 1am. Long established busy east London dress code bar. Free entry with full rubber Friday night. Changing area. Dress code: strictly black leather or rubber with boots. Under 25s free entry with proof of age. First Sunday of the month 4pm - 10pm 'Heros', a fetish night for men into skintight/stretchy/shiny clothing: think 'Batman'!

When walking from the Underground it is advisable to walk to the corner of Mile End Road and Burdett Road and then into Wentworth Mews, rather than taking the shortcut through Eric Street. Try and avoid parking cars in Eric Street and the adjacent side streets. Transport: Underground - Mile End, night bus, bar calls mini cabs on request.

  • Bar Code -- 3 Archer Street, Soho, 020 7734 3342, Monday - Saturday noon - 11pm, Sunday noon - 10.30pm. Popular with a younger, cropped head and Adidas gear crowd. Together with Comptons probably the best bet for a slightly pervy crowd in the 'Soho gay village'. Transport: Underground - Piccadilly Circus.

  • Block -- closed. Lost their licence after a visit by the police.

  • Boot Camp -- at Substation South, 9 Brighton Terrace, Brixton SW9, 020 7737 2095. Every Wednesday 10.30pm - 3am. Increasingly popular south London club with a good crowd. Preferred dress code uniform, leather, boots, jocks. Bootshine boys, crop shop. Door proceeds to Eddie Surman Trust. Transport: Underground/rail - Brixton, frequent night busses, mini cabs often wait outside.

  • Central Station -- 37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross, 020 7278 3294. Home to Gummi and a number of other pervy nights. Transport: Underground - Kings Cross, night bus, mini cab offices nearby.

  • Club CP -- at Central Station every 2nd Saturday and 3rd Thursday plus the 5th Thursday or Saturday when they happen. Corporal punishment, spanking, bondage.

  • Coleherne -- 261 Old Brompton Road, Earls Cort, 020 7373 9859. Monday - Saturday noon - 11pm, Sunday noon - 3pm, 7pm - 10.30pm. Former leather bar now caters to disco boys. Transport: Underground - Earls Court, night bus.

  • Comptons -- 53 Old Compton Street, Soho, 020 7437 4445, Monday - Saturday noon - 11pm, Sunday 7pm - 10.30pm. Busy 'Soho gay village' bar popular with a wide range of gay men, including skinhead types and the occasional biker. Transport: Underground - Piccadilly Circus and Tottenham Court Road.

  • Fist. Is Fist going to happen again? Who knows. Founder Suzie Krueger reportedly says she doesn't want to offer a watered down version, so you'll just have to watch the site for updates.

GummiGummi -- at Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross, 020 7278 3294. Gummi, the popular rubber club, meets at Central Station the second Sunday of every month, 6pm - midnight, with a strict rubber only dress code.

  • h2o -- is now a pizza parlour.

The HoistHoist -- Arch 47C, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall, 020 7735 9972, Friday 10pm - 3am, Saturday 10pm - 4am, Sunday 8pm - 2am. One of Europe's biggest and most popular leather bars, home to SM Gays third Thursday, MA1 Skinheads first Saturday, MA1 Rubber third Saturday of the month.

Strict dress code: leather, rubber, uniform, skinhead, 'industrial'. Transport: Underground and Rail - Vauxhall (exit 1 then through the rail station), night bus, mini cab office nearby.

  • Horns -- closed.

  • LA / London Apprentice -- is now called 333 Old Street. After paying off the mortgage and refurbishing the bar with money earned during 15 years as a gay pub they have turned it straight with the exception of a recently added gay night on Sundays.
  • MA1 -- popular skinhead and rubber fetish nights at the Hoist. Check the MA1 site for future events.

  • Putsch -- write BCI, Box 2071 London, WC1N 3XX. Mostly heterosexual fetish club with occasional parties.

  • Sin Bin -- BDSM/fetish night at Central Station 4th Saturday of the month 7pm to 4am.

  • Torture Garden -- write BM Torture Garden, London WC1N 3XX, 0171-490-0379 or email torturegarden@backspace.org. Mostly heterosexual monthly fetish parties.

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  • Bears Club -- socials at Kings Arms, 23 Poland Street, Friday 8pm. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus.

  • Bondage Club -- write LBCBG, PO Box 9945, London W6 8WW. A postal contact club for gay men. Originally intended for Londoners it now covers all of the UK as well as continental Europea members. Send 8"x4" or larger stamped (non UK send International Reply Coupon), self addressed envelope for more info.

  • Boot Club -- or write TBC, PO Box 662, Harrow HA3 8HF. For guys into boots, shoes and sock fetish. Newsletter, socials.

  • Bootmen UK -- for info send SAE to Skin 4 Skin (BM), P.O. Box 101, Hampton, Middx TW12 3TJ.

  • Cigarmen UK -- social and contact group for men into cigars and other forms of tobacco.

  • GALOP -- Independent voluntary lesbian/gay organization concerned with violence/harassment in the home or on the street, as well as providing help for anyone having to deal with the police either voluntarily or involuntarily (legal info and referrals, assistance in contacting or complaints against the police, ). GALOP is a good starting point for anyone dealing with domestic abuse, rape and anyone who has experienced a non-consenting SM scene or sex. Help line 020 7 704 2040. For info on GALOP, list of publications, donations call the administrative line 020 7704 6767.

GMFA - Gay Men Fighting AIDS -- write Unit 42, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ. Gay HIV prevention group organizing, among many other, safer sex workshops for gay men into SM and bondage. Worth checking out if you want to improve your bondage skills!

  • GSG - Gay Skinhead Group -- Social events, zine and contact list. For info gsg.skin@virgin.net or send a stamped self-addressed envelope to Skin, PO Box 234, Whitham, Essex CM8 2JZ.

  • Handmaiden Society -- write BM Empress, London WC1N 3XX. For women interested in submission to other women. Newsletter, meetings.

  • MSC London -- Leathermen's club meets third Friday of each month at the Brewery Tap, 78 Lingham Street, Stockwell, London SW9 9HF.

  • Skinsdeep-- describe themselves as "not just skinheads, a 'traditional Skinhead Cult'. 100s of skin contacts U.K. & Europe". Details 020 8288 7656 or e-mail bootboy@skinsdeep.demon.co.uk.

  • SM Bisexuals -- Social group, meets second Sunday of every month 7.30pm at Central Station. Occasional parties, see their web site for details.

  • SM Dykes -- for info write c/o Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, London N1.
  • SM Gays -- write to BM SM Gays, London WC1N 3XX. SM socials for men third Thursday of every month at the Hoist, 8pm - midnight. No dresscode.

  • Spanner -- write to Spanner, BM 99, London WC1N 3XX or e-mail info@spannertrust.org . Despite the loss of the case before the European Court the Spanner Campaign is continuing. Further info on the case and the campaign is at http://www.spannertrust.org.

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Hotels and Guesthouses

Following some complaints about the low standard of gay hotels in London I should point out that I am not making recommendations but simply list hotels I know.

Maps in this section show the local area, the arrow does not indicate the exact location of the hotel.

  • London Gay Accommodation -- Centrally located rooms/apartment.

  • New York Hotel -- 32 Philbeach Gardens, London SW5 9EB, 020 7244 6884. Conveniently located hotel in Earl's Court. Transport: Underground - Earls Court.

  • Number Seven Guesthouse -- down but maybe not out after a disastrous fire..

  • outlet -- 60-62 Old Compton Street, Soho, 020 7287 4244. Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 12pm - 5pm. Temporary or permanent accomodation and reservations agency.

  • Philbeach Hotel -- 30 - 31 Philbeach Gardens, London SW5 9EB, 020 7373 1244. Long established gay hotel. Transport: Underground - Earl's Court.

  • Prince William Hotel -- 42-44 Gloucester Terrace, London, W2 3DA, 020 7724 7414. Transport: Underground - Lancaster Gate, Paddington.

  • Rainbowstay -- Kings Cross area. Small bed and breakfast, check their home page for details. Transport: Underground - King's Cross.

  • Reeves Hotel for Women -- 48 Shepherd's Bush Green, London W12 8PJ, 020 8740 1158. Women only hotel in West London. Transport: Underground Shepherd's Bush.

  • Russell Lodge -- 20 Little Russell Street, London WC1, 020 7430 2489. Near the British Museum, and within easy walking distance to Soho 'gay village'. Apartments also available. Transport: Underground - Tottenham Court Road.

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Shops and Services

Body Art

  • Into You -- 144 St John Street, Farringdon, 020 7253 5085. Tuesday - Saturday noon - 6pm. Body piercing and tattooing shop with a reputation for friendliness and good work. Transport: Underground - Farringdon.

  • Metal Morphosis -- 10 Moor Street (below Boy Soho), 020 7434 3554. Monday - Saturday 11am - 7.30pm, Sunday 1pm - 6pm. Body piercing, wide selection of jewellery. Transport: Underground - Leicester Square.


  • Gay's The Word -- 66 Marchmont Street, 020 7278 7654. Soon to celebrate 20 years, this tiny shop stocks an excellent range of books, magazines and cards. Transport: Underground - Russell Square.

Clothing, Toys, Equipment

  • Bob's Rubber -- 020 8470 6635. Inexpensive rubber wear.

  • Clone Zone -- 64 Old Compton Street, Soho W1, 020 7287 3530 and 266 Old Brompton Road, Earls Court, 020 7373 0598. Old Compton Street open Monday - Saturday noon - 9pm, Sunday 1pm - 7pm, Old Brompton Road open Monday - Saturday 10.30am until late, Sunday 1pm - 7pm. Toys, clothing, gear, cards, magazines and books.

  • Deviant -- or call 020 7837 8546 for appointment. High quality made to measure rubberwear, excellent reputation.

  • Expectations -- 75 Great Eastern Street, London EC2 3HU, 020 7739 0292. Monday - Friday 11am - 7pm, Saturday 11am - 8pm, Sunday noon - 5pm. Big store with a wide range of leather, rubber and toys. Excellent range of army surplus. Transport: Underground - Old Street.

  • James Smith & Sons -- Hazelwood House, 53 New Oxford Street, London WC1, 020 7836 4731. Upmarket shop and manufacturer of canes, sticks and umbrellas. Transport: Underground - Tottenham Court Road.

  • John Bell & Croyden -- 50 Wigmore Street, London W1, 020 7935 5555. Medical supply shop, home remedies to professional equipment. Good source for catheters, needles. Lots of pervertables. Staff can be a bit haughty but can also be helpful if you have a reasonably good idea what you want. Wear a suit and watch them crawl. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus or Baker Street.

  • Leatherbound -- The Blackfriars Foundary Annexe, 65 Glasshill Street, London SE1 0QR, 20 7721 7238. Leather clothing and equipment to die for from David Barns, one of the world's top leather makers. Phone or email for appointment.

  • Recoil 557 -- Railway Arch, Redcross Way (at junction of Southwark Street), London SE1 1TA, 020 7378 0557. Open Monday to Saturday noon - 6pm, Sunday closed. Imaginative and stylish rubber makers and gear suppliers, well worth checking out. Transport: Underground - London Bridge.

  • Regulation --17A St. Albans Place, Islington Green, London N1 0NX, 020 7226 0665. Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 6.30pm, Sunday noon - 5pm. Big range of leather, rubber, army surplus and toys. Transport: Underground - Angel.

  • Rob -- 24 Wells Street, 020 7735 7893. Leather shop. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus or Tottenham Court Road.

  • Sh!! -- 43 Coronet Street, Islington N1 6HD, 020 7613 5458, Monday, Wednesday - Saturday 11.30am - 6.30pm, closed Tuesday, Sunday. Women only sex shop, though men are admitted as guests when accompanied by women. Transport: Underground - Old Street (exit 2).

  • Skin Two -- Unit N306, North Block, Westminister Business Square, 1-45 Durham Street, London SE11 5JA, 020 7840 0146, Friday and Saturday 11am - 6pm, Monday - Thursdays by appointment only. Fetish wear, clothing, accessories from the publishers of the famous fetish magazine.

  • Zipper Store -- 283 Camden High Street, Camden Town, 020 7284 0537, Monday - Saturday 10.30am - 6.30pm, Sunday noon - 5pm. Magazines, toys. Just steps from popular Camden Market. Transport: Underground - Camden Town.


  • Paris Gym -- Arch 73, Goding Street, Vauxhall (behind Royal Vauxhall Tavern), 020 7735 8989. Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2pm - 10pm, Tuesday and Thursday 10am - 10pm, Saturday 10am - 8pm, Sunday 3pm - 8pm. So what's pervy about a gym? Nothing at all -- this is a shameless plug for the gym some friends and I use. It's friendly, has good equipment and is reasonably priced. Visitor memberships available. Transport: Underground (exit 2 then under the railway bridge) and Rail - Vauxhall.

Skinhead Gear

  • Holts/British Boot Company -- 5 Kentish Town Road, London NW1, 020 7485 8505, three shops from side entrance of Camden Town Tube. Great range of Docs and Gladiators, regular and steel toe up to 30 holes. Mail order. The whole of Camden Town has become Fashion Central and several shops on Camden High Street stock Docs in a variety of colours. Make sure to compare prices. Also check out Camden Market, Thursday - Saturday 11am - 6pm, busiest Saturday. Transport: Underground - Camden Town.

  • Merc -- 10 Carnaby St, London W1V 1PG, +44 171 439 7750/734 1469, email merc-merc@btinternet.com, Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm. New location for a shop that's been doing mod and skin clothing since 1967. Great range, but no longer stocks any boots. Compare prices with those at Sherry's. Small selection of books and magazines. Mail order catalogue and price list. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus. Also has a small branch in Camden Town at 1 Chalk Farm Road, 020 7267 6248. Monday - Friday 10am - 6pm, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 6.30pm. Transport: Underground - Camden Town.

  • Shelly's -- Foubert's Place between Carnaby and Kingly streets, London W1, 020 74376757, Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 6.30pm, Sunday 12 - 6pm. Best branch of the shoe shop chain for Docs and Rangers. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus.

  • Sherry's -- 24 Ganton Street, London W1V 1LA, 020 7734 5868, email MACCA864@aol.com, Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm. Small, friendly store with big range of clothing, some Docs, original 60's Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae records, plus some OI! and Mod. Detailed price list, mail order. Transport: Underground - Oxford Circus.


  • Freedom Cars -- 020 7734 1313 or e-mail freedom.cars@virgin.net. Soho based gay friendly taxi company with many gay drivers. Covers all of London.

  • Q-Cars -- 020 7622 0011 or email qcars@dircon.co.uk. Gay taxi cab company. In town service, also airport pick-ups.

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WWW Links and Other References

  • Fetish-Net UK -- the UK's premier heterosexual SM info site.

  • London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard -- 020 7837 7324. Advice, support and information on every aspect of lesbian/gay life in the UK. Open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Your financial support helps to keep this invaluable resource going.

London Transport -- or telephone 020 7222 1234 for Underground and bus travel information around the clock. The problem with the LT site is that it does not have a journey planner - for that you need to call them for up-to-date info (which includes non-scheduled station closures, line problems etc), or use Subway Navigator for general directions.

For another way to tackle the Underground try How to Get Around on the Underground which contains a section called The Good, The Bad, and The Americans: (or how to behave whilst on Public Transport). Useful stuff but definitely not a London Transport approved site.

  • Met Office -- Planning to visit during the summer? Are you packing shorts, t-shirt, sweater, rubber boots and a good winter coat? Excellent, you may need them all in one single afternoon. Check out today's weather forecast at the UK's beloved Met Office, the people who failed spectacularly to predict the hurricane that laid waste to most of Southern England in 1987. But they have gotten their act together since then. Really.

  • News Direct 97.3FM -- Listen to live 24 hour London news radio over the Net. Also news in brief, weather and more at their site.

QX Magazine -- hot free gay weekly available in most gay bars and businesses. Great web site, though their guide is a bit out of date.

  • This Is London -- considering this site is run by the Evening Standard newspaper it is surprisingly good. Excellent hotel finder, not bad tourist info and there's even a review of a Victorian dungeon! As some of the material originates with the Evening Standard you are, however, exposed to some of their philistine reviewers and homophobic news stories.

  • Time Out -- Indispensable weekly magazine for the culturally and entertainment minded tourist. Events, accommodation and more at the website.

  • UK Street Map -- online maps to Greater London. Great maps, but they don't tell you that the street you are looking for is usually somewhere near the centre of each map.

  • Current London Weather and 10 Day Forecast

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