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About Me

Peter BootsI live in Manhattan, am 42 years old, 6', 180#, uncut and pierced, tattooed, usually have a #1 crop.

My main interests are lots of bondage, from light to very intense, breath control, rough play, rubber, electricity, flogging, dog play, public playing -- in fact, most SM. I can be fairly sadistic, but don't enjoy inflicting pain on those who don't like it, so a simple bondage scene with the right guy can be as much fun. While I don't have a dungeon yet I have facilities for nearly all the scenes that interest me.

Right down at the bottom of the page, after all the stuff about what sort of guys I like to play with, there is a link to a page that gives a good overview of what I like doing. Can't do all of this at my place -- but it's an ambition!

Of course, I practice Safer Sex.

Someone recently pointed out to me that my pages don't make it clear whether I am a top or a bottom -- I guess I'd better spell it out then: when it comes to bondage/SM I nearly always top, otherwise I am a bit more fluid but tend to take the lead. I have a lot of experience bottoming, but simply don't get the kind of satisfaction from it that topping gives me: I like to be in control.

I keep getting asked what type of man I like and that's a really hard question to answer. Giving the usual trite reply that I'm more interested in personality and brains than looks would be a lie -- but it's certainly true that the combination of a certain look and personality attracts me most. Fortunately that combination is impossible to boil down to a simple formula, but I know it when I see it -- maybe its animal instincts? Leaves the field wide open for exploring!

Most generally I like guys who are

  • my height or shorter,
  • whose height is proportional to their weight,
  • with not too much body hair,
  • and preferably no facial hair. Moustaches are a big turnoff, while the 'three days unshaven' look can work well for me.
Looking a bit underfed rather than overfed is a definite plus, while a huge gym body is not likely to do a lot for me. My preferred age range is twenties to forties.

You can write me at

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Finally, here's the promised link to some images I like a lot -- some of this is on my 'to-do' list, a lot of it is on my 'done' list.  ;-)

The pics are from the web, of course, they were not taken by me.